Conveying Technology

High Performance
Chain Bucket Elevators:


KoWey supplies high-performance bucket elevators with central chain for high conveying capacities and tall centre distances. All elevators provide a close bucket pitch. Thus the bulk material is feed directly to the buckets and scooping of bulk material from the elevator boot is avoided to a maximum extend. The discharge of bulk material at the elevator head is affected by means of centrifugal force.

A friction drive between the segmented drive ring and the central chain provides the torque transmission and allows velocities of 1,40 to 1,89 meter per second

Lifting heights exceeding 80 m
Conveying capacities up to 1900 m³/h
For coarse and hot bulk materials
Forged central chain with lose angular bucket holder

Link to "sketch KCT 50"

Link to "Sketch KCT 50 double"