Conveying Technology

High Performance
Belt Bucket Elevators:


KoWey supplies high-performance belt bucket elevators for high conveying capacities and tall centre distances. All elevators provide a close bucket pitch. Thus the bulk material is feed directly to the buckets and scooping of bulk material from the elevator boot is avoided to a maximum extend. The discharge of bulk material at the elevator head is affected by means of centrifugal force.

A friction drive at the drive drum between the segmented rubber friction lining and the steel cord belt provides the torque transmission and allows velocities of 1,2 to 1,89 meter per second. Maintenance

Lifting heights exceeding 160 m
Conveying capacities up to 2.000 m³/h
For bulk materials of up to 130°C in continuous operation
Steel cord re-inforced rubber belt with longitudinal and transversal ropes
Forged plate screws for bucket fixation

Link to "sketch KCT 60"